Your best choice in Short term Rental Cleaning


You are here because you have at least one short term rental that is in need of a cleaning company to continually service it without fail.

We are here to meet that need.

But, we’re going to do more than just clean.

We wanted to be the best short term cleaning company we could…so we don’t do anything else.

Here are a few things you can expect:


We don’t think partnering with us should be more work for you. When we are doing our job well, you won’t even realize we are doing it. We get in, get your space taken care of, and get out.


While in your space, we keep tabs on everything for you. Soft goods, consumables, hard goods, damages, missing items, we even document what we did to solve problems you wouldn’t have known you had unless you read our post job completion reports from simple stains and minor leaks, to relocating a mirror back to it’s staged position. You will always know how much you have of what with a simple click.


Because the owner is a pilot and understands the importance of checklists, we use them too. We don’t walk out of a unit until every checkbox has been ticked. Our lists are extensive and purposeful designed with YOU in mind.


We will help you as much as we can. We care for a LOT of short term rentals and because of that can help you with best practices. We are always in a perpetual state of learning and perfecting the way we care for each unit we enter and will always utilize the best most current industry practices available.

We are fully insured, licensed everywhere we work and EVERYONE gets a full background check. Get some peace of mind and one less thing to worry about with one call.

*Now Serving: Tucson and Phoenix AZ

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Why CleanIt?


A Job well done.
Peace of mind.
Time for yourself.


We never stop
training, growing,
and perfecting our


We will strive to
help you maintain
as high a rating as


You will never
have to wonder if
we will be done by
a deadline.

No contracts, ever. Yes, we are aware from a financial standpoint this may not be good for us but even the clients that have left us for any reason have all come back.

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Useful links

To try and make your life easier and after speaking to many owners with multiple properties we present to you the top services and products we see them use. We can CleanIt 😉 but these folks will help you RunIt.

Data, Data, Data. AirDNA can help you with pricing, hot markets, analytics, insights, market performance, occupancy rates, and so much more:

Property Management Software designed with you in mind. Guesty is integrated with all the major players and can help you automate and streamline every aspect of your business. Soon, you’ll be a streamlined meerkat of shorterminess!

This is hands down the best communications platform for business. As your team grows, you will find this is something you need.

Noise Monitoring is more than just noise monitoring. Temperature, humidity, checks-ins and checkouts for a better guest experience.

Nest is an entire suite of everything you need to secure your home. Video door bells, learning programmable connected thermostats, cameras and more.

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