A little bit about us

Our Mission and standards

We want to be honest from the beginning, we are not the cheapest option. We compete against our own standards to keep your business with us without the luxury of a contract. We want to provide YOU the level of service your unit demands and deserves.

Often times when we do our job well, you won’t even notice we’re doing it less the occasional email notification from incoming cleaning reports.

Our goal is simple. Keep you on track for 5 star ratings and no worries about unit care.

We have developed, after cleaning 1000s of short term rentals, best in industry practices.

We keep you informed and involved via consistent and detailed reporting.

We prefer certain things but can likely accommodate all of your wants and needs too.

Some things we do the same in every unit and some things we recommend (not require) you do to keep things simple for yourself.

Some examples of things we do the same:

  • We always work by a checklist
  • We put the same number of paper consumables out in each unit.
  • We always manage stock levels.
  • We always provide all cleaning supplies

Some example of things we recommend:

  • Towel sets color uniformity and set them out directly on beds with backups in a closet.
  • Keep bed sheets the same color scheme throughout a unit based at least on size. (gray for king, white for double, etc)
  • Leave out a welcome basket that includes “goodies”. (We can explain how we always know what goes in it.)
  • Leave your guest a specified number of hangers in each closet, dish pods, laundry pods, etc.

(These pictures above are from actual hosts units and represent a few things we may see as we care for your unit.)

Some of these things we simply fix or correct like minor stains, goo in a dryer, and loose screws and add them to your post cleaning report(s).

Other things can be swapped out like pillows or toilet seats. Other things may find themselves lost or accidentally taken. These types of things would simply be exchanged or replaced and then notated on your post cleaning report(s).

But some things are actually broken and can represent a safety issue. When a chair leg is cracked, you would know about it immediately and get to decide how to proceed. We log those calls and add them to your post cleaning report(s).

We will organize your back-stock, maintain it’s inventory, inform you when something is low or missing, We will even check your televisions, WiFi, and light bulbs for functionality during every visit. We cannot provide a complete list of what we check and do here but can during an initial consult, which you may want to schedule….well, now. 😉