The simplest cleaning pricing you will find anywhere.

Our goal as a cleaning company is to make you happy. We want to work with you on the cleaning and pricing that fits your needs. We photograph the beginning and end of every job. When possible, we do a walk through with you and have you sign off on our work. Never a contract…ever.

Sometimes you need a lesser clean and need to add the inside of the oven or have some carpet shampooed. These can be added to any job if it is not already included:

Add ons:

Oven or Fridge Interior:

Lightly Soiled $25 Heavily Soiled $40

Carpet cleaning:

Small Room $25 Large Room $40

Exterior Windows:

$5 per window.

Laundry or dishes:

Per load $20

A Straight forward cleaning company with uniquely honest pricing.

Basic (.13 / sq ft)

Basic cleans are just that. It is mostly surface cleaning. This still includes all rooms (beds, baths, kitchens, common areas, etc.) but it is intended for those in need of a quick in and out job. See the chart below for more information.

Deep Cleaning (.16 / sq ft) and Repeats (.10 to .13 / sq ft)

Top down insanity. We start by dusting ceiling fans, elevated lighting, and corners of rooms. Then we work our way down to spot clean walls, dust outlet covers, switches, door cases, door insets, and baseboards. Interior windows are cleaned and blinds are dusted. Shelving is wiped down everywhere, cabinets are cleaned inside and out, counter tops, exterior of appliances, kitchens are wiped down, bathrooms are cleaned, and finally floors are swept/mopped/vacuumed. This is the deep cleaning you’re looking for.

Repeats start with a deep clean to get the home to where it needs to be. After the initial clean, keeping it that way is 13 cents / sq ft for monthly, 12 cents / sq ft for bi monthly, and 10 cents / sq ft for weekly.

Move In/Move Out (.18 / sq ft)

This is a deep clean but we also add the inside of any ovens and refrigerators making this the most thorough all inclusive clean.

Trash Out ($10 / bag + per sq ft rate)

Trash outs can be any level of clean by the square foot but when we are removing excessive amounts of trash from a home we charge $10 dollars per bag to do it.


Clearly, once in a while these prices don’t cover what is being asked of us and we will adjust accordingly and honestly up front.

BasicDeepMove In/Out
Ext CabinetsXXX
Spot Clean WallsXXX
Dust VentsXXX
Dust Lights/FansXX
Dust BlindsXX
Interior WindowsXX
Inside CabinetsXX
Interior FridgeX
Interior OvenX