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Links to your Training Account Profile Page and Courses

Training Account Page – This is where you will find your training sessions after you have signed up for them.

Initial Training – Using Bookeo (our scheduler) via Mobile, Post Job Completion, Pricing, and more.

Sales Training – Bookeo (our scheduler) via Desktop, HubSpot(CRM), Phone.com, Pricing


New for 2021

  • Masks and Shirts are required when entering homes.
  • Review our pricing model and understand the fridge and oven can ONLY be included when someone is actually moving in or out. In all other situations you can upsell it.
  • We do not remove food from a refrigerator if it is going back in per insurance.
  • Referrals are MANDATORY.
  • Pay BONUS for completion of and logging each step of post job completion to included: completed job form, confirmed review, outstanding payment taken, scheduling of next clean, and notation of referrals in Bookeo notes…but will soon likely be all in one area. (If you do the form on YOUR phone, we can force the form to link to a referral form) UPDATE: Once the post job completion is complete it will now bring the client to a review form, once that form is complete it will go to a referral form and sales will schedule their next booking. We have taken ALL of the work out of this. Get those post job completion forms done. For doing all the steps we will send them a free coffee.

We are always looking for ways to improve. Please text me directly if you have a good idea!! 615-474-9360

Remember referrals help YOU too but we do most of the work to get them on schedule.


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