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This is a blog all about Short Term Rentals from A to Z based on years of experience as a host and cleaning company on the other side. We will share insights, triumphs, failures, questions from our social media pages and our day to day thoughts. No politics, no viruses, just real life honest conversation about improving your offering to the world.

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The ADA and Service Animals

Service animals in your vacation rental At some point you will probably be required to host a disabled person with a service animal. This can be a sensitive issue that causes emotional turmoil for handler or host. If you are a handler being told you “cannot have pets” in a particular home or are a … Continue reading The ADA and Service Animals

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amenities you need

amenities to Make Your Vacation Rental Stand Out Travelers are becoming more and more demanding with every passing day. Vacation rentals today compared to those near the birth of the concept are night and day different. Not only can guests search by location, but they can seek out their favorite amenities too. The following is … Continue reading amenities you need

Best practices

The habits of successful Short Term Rental Owners Success in business is considered by some to be luck. While luck can play a small role, success is not dependent on it in any way. Take for example, the sheer number of short term rentals today and the people that are now living forever changed lives … Continue reading Best practices

negative reviews

How to respond to a negative review People look forward to vacations. You are now part of their life. If accommodations you are providing fall flat for any reason, it is likely going to end up a negative review. Modern social media has made negative reviews acceptable and commonplace, but don’t worry too much, they … Continue reading negative reviews

STR Occupancy Count Issues

stop losing money to misrepresented occupant count Hosting a short-term rental is tough enough without having to worry about the guest count. This number will seem trivial to a guest but is clearly very important to you, the host. The two situations that will be discussed here occur when a “lead guest” (the person that … Continue reading STR Occupancy Count Issues

Hire a cleaning pro or not?

Should you do it yourself or hire a pro Okay, you have been cleaning your own short-term rentals but it is becoming a chore. You already talk to all of the guests, manage problems and listings, take payments, and turn the properties on top of that? Is it time to hire a cleaning pro to … Continue reading Hire a cleaning pro or not?

Why you need to have an STR Cleaning Checklist

A typical Short Term Rental STR Cleaning Checklist Cleanliness is one of the most important factors involved in getting you a five-star rating and maintaining superhost status. An STR Cleaning Checklist is probably one of the fastest ways to keep that status. A short-term rental cleaning checklist is a highly developed and task-specific list designed … Continue reading Why you need to have an STR Cleaning Checklist

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