Why you need to have an STR TURNOVER CHECKLIST

A typical STR Turnover Checklist

If you read PART 1, you already know just CLEANING is a long list, part two puts this into perspective with all of the added things you have to do to TURN a unit, with the introduction of the str turnover checklist

A More Complete STR Turnover checklist

We didn’t want to rehash anything that was on the original list but suffice it to say that your cleaner is probably going to do a LOT more than just clean. It may not be appropriate to ask them to do any major repairs, but everyone should be able to change a light bulb or reset a router and a good short-term turn company is probably going to have trained their staff to do quite a bit more than that.

Without mentioning specific rooms, because a lot of this overlaps in each room, here are a few things a good str turnover checklist will include over an above a cleaning checklist.

All Areas

  • Check all lights and outlets for functionality
  • Inspect drawer slides and door hinges for proper operation
  • Check for leaks around sinks and under sink plumbing
  • Look under all furniture for items/trash left
  • Open every drawer and check inside of ALL of them for left behind items.
  • Look for noticeable carpet stains.
  • Check TV and connections.
  • Dust blinds and close them
  • Leave on one light inside and by front door.


  • Refill all consumables
  • Check function of all appliances (fridge is cold, freezer makes ice, oven turns on and burners heat up, microwave, toaster, coffee maker, dishwasher…everything works)
  • Once per month clean under and around the fridge
  • Be sure to CHECK ALL DISHES (even in cupboards) to ensure cleanliness and verify count.
  • If you have any other counts, give a quick look to see if anything is missing.
  • Backup paper towels, dish soap, dishwasher pods/soap, sponge under the sink
brown wooden table near window


  • Ensure appropriate number of beach towels in each closet or on a dresser for a pool.
  • Make sure all components of air mattress are present, clean, and functional.
  • Ensure furniture is in ‘staged areas’.
  • Check hanger count in closets
  • Check for any remotes, replace batteries if necessary
  • Plug in and set clocks
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  • Make sure any electric items work (hair dryers, etc)
  • Refill bulk soap items.
  • Check condition of shower door wheels or curtain
  • Ensure all fixtures are firmly attached
  • Backup TP under the sink
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Living Room

  • If a pull out couch is in use, open and clean it, even under the mattress.
  • Check Wi-Fi
  • Ensure Television functions
  • Check any remotes
person holding a black remote control
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Other Areas of the Home

Dining Room

  • If leaving out disinfectant wipes, the package should be new.
  • Additional keys in the entry or dining room.


A really good cleaning company or short term rental turn company will also:

  • Manage all of your consumables inventory
  • Replace hard goods if broken or damaged
  • Provide you before and after clean pictures
  • Send you a report after each visit
  • Make you aware of immediate problems
  • Inform you about items you may be getting low on
  • Advise you when you need a professional service company (plumbers, electrician, etc)
  • Place everything in a way that the home looks inviting; possibly back to staging standards. (fluff pillow and cushions, level pictures, mirrors and TVs, etc)
  • If you place out unique welcome baskets, bathrooms amenities, or kitchen goodies you may find that a good pro will have a list for that too.

Additional benefits of hiring a Pro Turnover company that uses an STR Turnover Checklist

Cleaning a short-term vacation rental property yourself isn’t difficult as long as you stay organized and on task AND USE your checklists but many hosts find it more convenient to hire a turnover Pro. Using a pro-company will save you time, let you focus on other areas of your business, ensure your guests always enjoy a superior cleaning service, and potentially actually save you money while you focus on running the day-to-day or adding more units. They can even take inventories and report damages, letting you mitigate your losses while ensuring happy guests and glowing reviews.

Because a pro does this all the time, they will have developed the eye to see what you may miss, standards are followed to keep their reputation intact and speed that you just won’t have working on 1 or two units every so often. But hiring a pro is more than even this. Let’s explore that in the following article: HIRE A PRO OR NOT?

In case you missed PART 1.

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