Hire a cleaning pro or not?

Should you do it yourself or hire a pro

Okay, you have been cleaning your own short-term rentals but it is becoming a chore. You already talk to all of the guests, manage problems and listings, take payments, and turn the properties on top of that? Is it time to hire a cleaning pro to do it or keep reaping the rewards of doing it yourself?

Maybe, maybe not. It could be one less task or several less per week for each location. You probably already know that if the cleaning isn’t done properly, then your guests could leave a less than glowing review about it. You also know that turning a unit isn’t just about getting the place to look presentable, but is also about inventory, consumables, checking your units for anything that may not be working, and much more.

Turning your short-term rental on a regular basis can be overwhelming. Especially, when guests stay for different periods of time. Some guests may only stay for one night and others for a month. No matter how long a guest stays, however, a thorough turn is necessary.

Linens must be washed, floors mopped, and carpets vacuumed. The bathroom(s) and kitchen wiped clean, disinfected, and consumables restocked. Dishes need to be clean, the fridge empty, and all appliances must work.

In common rooms and bedrooms, trash has to go, light bulbs have to be checked, ceiling fans dusted, linens replaced…oh my. This list could get pretty long…like CLEANING and TURNING long.



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A high-quality turn equals a five-star review in most cases. If a home is dirty, is missing those Keurig cups that your listing claims to have, has a wifi problem, or even a missing television remote you can probably kiss your 5-star review goodbye.

Guests TRUST reviews. We all use reviews for various things in our lives. A specialist is going to work hard to keep your trust and win you that coveted 5 stars. Some guests will base their entire booking decision on a single glowing review.


You may own a/many short-term rental(s) with the intended purpose of time freedom. The responsibility of just being available to turn a unit is hurting that. When you hire a cleaning pro, you eliminate some of the weight and stress of that responsibility. It is now up to them to figure out how to ensure your unit will be turned properly before your next guest arrives. This will also give you more time to grow your business if that is your goal. Or, just relax knowing your unit(s) is/are in qualified hands. Time is the only measured quantity on Earth you cannot get back. It ticks away no matter what. Give yourself the time and relieve a bit of that stress pile.


Short-term rental turning companies know what the guest is looking for. These folks turn 100s, perhaps 1000s of short-term rentals per year. They often use lists to guide them that include items you may not even have thought of.  The smell, the first impression of your freshly cleaned unit matter. By hiring a pro, you are going to get exactly this.

Peace of mind and results

When you find a particularly good company that does more than just clean you can rest easy knowing you’re simply in good hands. Because you are working with a seasoned pro they will constantly deliver the results you need and your guests want. If they didn’t deliver satisfactory results, you could just fire them. In fact, it’s unlikely that they would still be in business if they weren’t good at what they do. Hiring a pro, a good pro is a path to consistently well-turned and staged units so your guests will be glad they chose you to host them.

Communication and reporting

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These people are not just pros when it comes to turning your unit(s), but they are also running a business themselves so you are likely to find they are cheerful, positive, and professional. They are going to give you the best options for communicating your schedule with them and keep you abreast of anything that is happening in your unit. They are going to track your inventory, tell you about missing or broken items, report damages, repair minor issues and probably share with you anything they see working really well at their other units.


It doesn’t end with communication. Hire a cleaning pro or more precisely a pro company to find they have developed the systems to get your home turned efficiently without missing anything. They are going to use lists, review your listing to stage it appropriately, have equipment ready to care for carpet issues, etc. They have probably successfully turned perhaps 1000s of units and because of that will have the systems in place to appropriately communicate, schedule their staff, train their staff, and how to best attack your unit with each visit.


Professional services hire high-quality candidates. They ensure that each candidate is trustworthy, reliable, and knowledgeable. They train each employee so they know how to clean in a professional manner.

If an issue does arise, then the professional cleaning service should be willing to work through the issue with you and amend it accordingly.



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Obviously, you won’t be getting the cleaning fee you are charging on your booking. So, you will have to consider that as a cost now. The good news is the time savings are probably far over and above what you are paying.

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You may consider an alternative to hiring a cleaning pro. It could be you want to hire someone you know, an independent cleaning person, a cleaning company that happens to do short-term cleaning. The best bet though is a true pro that is so dedicated to the craft they ONLY do short-term rental turns.

Anyone who isn’t a professional cleaner may not know all the ins and outs of the cleaning industry, so that may eliminate your friend that cleans. An independent or even a regular cleaning company/maid service is going to have other obligations they have to meet each week so if you have a turn on an odd day, they may not be able to do it. A specialized pro is going to have backups, schedule availability, insurance, and the right equipment to get done quickly. Smaller companies may or may not background check their staff, bigger companies are going to do run checks with every hire.

The right one

Finding the right company is not going to be easy. You have to find someone that specializes in short-term rental turns, not short-term rental cleaning. There is a big difference. You will want someone with experience, training systems, and impeccable standards. A company that has more capability than you will utilize is preferable. If you can jump on a call and pick their brain you may want to ask:

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  • How much experience do you have cleaning short-term rentals?
  • Do you send the same person every time? What if they are unavailable?
  • Are you available for quick turnarounds or last-minute emergencies?
  • What add-on services do you offer?
  • Who provides the cleaning supplies?
  • How will you communicate with me about issues or low supplies?
  • How do you measure quality?
  • What happens if you damage my property?
  • What kind of training do your employees receive?
  • Are you specialists or general cleaners?
  • Do you work from a vacation rental cleaning checklist?


Yes, you can clean a short-term rental yourself. Yes, you can hire an individual or regular cleaning company. A company specializing in short-term rentals is going to provide everything your unit needs, they are coming in with professional eyes and have contingency plans to ensure your unit is always going to be cleaned. They will get you the reviews you want while taking some weight off your shoulders. Results are going to speak for themselves and you will remain “in the loop” through reporting and appropriate communication. Finally, the cost will be offset by the time you save all the while increasing the overall output quality. Hire a pro, and get amazing results. Hope this helped.

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